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I am an American Mulatto.
I am a survivor/victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse.
My Mother is Cherokee & Seminole (tall, yellow, black kinky hair, (Bette Davis) brown eyes, pretty.
My Father is Italian American (tall, rock star skinny, curly blond hair, gorgeous blue eyes, incredibly handsome.

I am 5'7", 100 lbs., Size Zero, Brown Eyes, Curly Black Hair
Professional Actress, Model, 
Composer, Artist & Poetess
My name is pronounced vonnie monay

I have created hundreds of original musical compositions, but due to the excessiveness of the Organized Criminal Gang Stalking I have to endured on a constant basis; I have only 60 songs and only 60 poems copywritten.
I also have not had the time to even present my work in a professional manner.
I figured I would present it raw since these creatures think they can erase me and my life.  They are lowlives who think they can make their outrageous "frame ups" stick.
I have been a vegetarian all of my life.
I know it is not for everyone and have never and will never try to force anyone to eat the way I do. I was forced by my mother to eat meat because of my blood disorder, Thalassemia Minor. She tried to frighten me into eating it by telling me that I would die if I didn't. I am still alive!
I am a True Gemini a Syzygy and a Grand Cross!

SyzygyinAstronomy  is an alignment of three celestial objects, as the sun, the earth, and either the moon or a planet.

In a Grand Cross, there is one planet in each astrological element (fire, earth, air and water) but all the planets are in signs of the same modality or quality.

I am a survivor/victim of child pornographers, sadistic, homosexual, pedophile, rapists, kidnapping, forced breeding & sex slavery. I am still stalked by these slanderers. I will tell anyone who will listen until I have justice. I am so fed up with them that I have begun to names names.

These brute beasts twice dead (A New Testament description of these creatures) ought to thank me for sharing their actual "Accomplishments" Crimes.

I think it is all about the land that was stolen from my relatives.

Tropicana Orange Juice is on it in Bradenton, Florida, USA.

These posts are designed to disrupt the MuslimTerrorist, Zionist/Jewish, Papist/Catholic/Inquisitor/Mafia, Willie Lynch Slave/Blacks, ThirdWorld/IllegalAliens attempts to commit The Genocide of True Americans!

About the photos I post of myself:
- I took them myself. 
- I use a few different types of inexpensive cameras.
- They are recent and not touched up.
- I've been experimenting with photographing myself.
I'm a Native New Yorker, but my Mother is a Southerner 
and she taught me how to pose as well as poise and good manners, etc.
She's a former Beauty Queen.
I'm blessed to be photogenic and I have my hideous moments too.
I look forward to taking more photos of myself because I'm already pretty good photographing others.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Rap Mogul Master Ps UglyAzz Wife Wins Big In Divorce Settlement PS, Shes...

BT-1000 DSE Arrested For Leaving Her 4 Kids (8

The Secret

The Secret

To paraphrase Eric Fromm (in his book The Art of Loving) :

"The sadist tries to discover the secret of loving and is only left with the mangled body of their victim, never discovering the secret"

The severe female (wearing all black, black hair pulled tightly into a bun on the top of her head looked severe to me in 1969 and utterly ridiculous in 1997.
Did she come all the way from New York to Connecticut desperate to know the secret?
While eating in McDonald's with my teenage son (a product of one of their married, pedophile, illegal alien, rapists) in she comes with only one goal (she did not order food, use the rest room or anything).
Tight Bun says (trying to warm me up with a compliment)"You are such a good looking couple"
I respond  "Thank you, but this is my son"
Tight Bun "Oh, but you look so young"
I respond "I had him when I was of age" (barely)
Tight Bun  "What's your secret to staying so young?"
I respond  "Vitamins and exercise"
Tight Bun  "Hmmm"  she walks away almost forgetting to say her next line "well, have a nice day"
I told her vitamins & exercise.
Not long after that not so mysterious encounter, with a "hand picked loser", there was a push to regulate vitamins, I signed a petition in a vitamin store about the issue.
I've had vitamins tampered with while residing in the Bronx.
The secret, would cease to be a secret if I told her.
The secret is being God's child, but she could not understand this being that she resembled the woman who had me taking child pornography photos while I was on what I thought was a regular shoot.
This time, however, she wanted my mother to leave the set because she claimed that I had to be able to work without her present.
I was eight years old and knew I would be brutalized by my mother and half siblings if I made a fuss and refused.
Months later while trying to find the published photo so she can add it to my portfolio she finally asked me for a description of what I had modeled.
I was right about her reaction. She was clear on just how sheer the pink babydoll nightgown I modeled  was and she said, repeatedly and on a number of occaisions that "all that matters is you were paid."
I think she felt proud of the exploitation.
A year later I was forced to go to the beach (Dot, Vikki, Valli, Stacy Harris and her mother Margaret) and wear a pink, one piece bathing suit that was totally inappropriate because it had padding that made me appear as if I had huge breasts.
It seemed to be made specifically for me because it fit like a glove everywhere else.
This was obvious to me because I was a very skinny girl and would have been considered underweight though it is natural for me.
My mother had that faked trying to be cool and exploit the situation for all it was worth expression on her face (*see her horror in 1976 and Italian incest).
Vikki and Valli had on regular bathing suits and as Valli laughed at me Vikki leered at me in jealousy (*see story Vikki and our two piece bathing suits in earlier years).
When she sensed I was not as interested, in modeling anymore, she would repeat that "all that matters is that you were paid."
She had persuaded me to do it as a "stepping stone" for my acting career.
I personally thought it was boring and although I am good at it I never liked the dressing and undressing in front of people maybe because Dot, Vikki and Val seemed to be obsessed with my appearance. 
"All that matters is that you were paid" Sometimes she would mutter this phrase to herself like some sort of an affirmation.
Maybe her pimp Uncle Roy was paid, but I wasn't.
Perhaps she was trying to convince herself.
She actually tried to make me believe that my disinterest was about not locating the photo (which I would not have wanted in my portfolio anyway, nor would she for that matter).
After this company told her they wanted her precious, retarded Val to model I never worked for them again.
My Mother, and I (Val was with us for some reason) were there and I doubt she was trying to defend me.
I would figure her to try and blackmail them like she did Nipsey Russell (because she knew he was gay) they probably answered her threats with the offer to exploit Val as well.
She seemed mortified and took the opportunity to instigate and set Val loose on me by telling her that I did not want her to model like me.
Dot told me that she was embarrassing to her and that she was too ashamed of her to have her do it.
I suppose she didn't want her fat, dark, hooked nosed, fetal alcohol syndrome, knocked kneed favorite retard to be traumatized.
Val pissed the bed until she was forced to stop at age 12 (bedwetting is an indicator of future serial killers).
She was notorious and Lindsay, our first cousin (raised as a muslim) nicknamed her Mr. Peabody.
My mother supposedly had a weak bladder and thought that Val had one also.
Dr. Jack Spivak (Queens, N.Y.) examined her and told our mother that she was "just lazy".
Vikki was sharing a bed with her during many of those years.
Dot was furious and Val suddenly was able to stop pissing the bed.
It was not the first time she had been fooled by her.
Mostly she fooled herself because she has a soft spot for losers.
Even Val's biological father, Morris Quick, knew she was a thief and a liar when she was only 3 years old.
Dot said he caught her stealing candy and when he confronted her about it she lied and kept lying. He was disturbed by it (a sweet tooth is an indicator of future alcohol addiction (*see Dot's sweet tooth story).
Even after Val (age 5) had stolen a substantial amount of money (for candy) from our Uncle George's store, Dot tried to buy the excuse that she was going to give it to her because she always said she needed money.
Beginning at age 8, my mother would have money stolen from her and would try and blame everyone except the two known thieves Vikki & Valli.
She was powerless against them. She needed the survivor benefit checks and her dead husbands pension as well.
She couldn't set them straight even if she had wanted too.
She encouraged them to steal and didn't realize they would steal from her also.
She had to pretend and made excuses for them because she condoned their anti-social behavior, but didn't like them to get caught.
Vikki would be caught stealing makeup while we were shopping and the police were called (1969Majors Department Store, Forest Avenue, Mariners Harbor, Staten Island, N.Y.).
Dot actually seemed surprised, but I think it was because the police usually allowed her to do any crime she wanted or so she thought.
Val would use this lie as well as anything she could fantasize to use as her excuse to slander me and generally play the jealous Willie Lynch Slave.
Val would have also insisted on being paid in
cash before she did any actual work.
She would insist on more than the actual payment.
She would also not wait until she was 18 and believe she was protected by The Jackie Coogan Law.
Val is a serial killer. She tried repeatedly to kill me when we were girls.
She told me in the 1980's about a black man she was at a hotel in New Jersey with doing cocaine and when he tried to have sex with her she murdered him (she said she beat him to death with a baseball bat) and left him there, stole his car and drove it back to Staten Island. I think she ditched his car in Mariners Harbor.
Also in the 1980's, she told me that she beat a black male guest of hers when he supposedly refused to leave her apartment.
I guess that is why they are given a pass too.
I mean really, they are only killing black men.
I guess Norman Quick (Bronx, N.Y.) would approve to this since the is a proud black man of the cloth who wouldn't condone the murder of innocent black men by anyone.
She may have been only defending herself since she knows just how helpful the police were in assisting me when I was repeatedly raped as a teenager by their "hand picked losers".
Valli killed my pet turtle (harming helpless animals is another indicator of being a serial killer). 
Adrienne Gerst (Jewish from Brooklyn and Staten Island, inbred dwarf, now in Virginia married to a Cennamo and still cohorts with Pam Cocozello (Facebook) was let loose on me and not those so-called half sisters of mine.
Go figure, the people responsible for "Killing the Best Gentiles" and "Destroying the Adult Lives" of those who the Zionists and Papists are jealous of.
They have never tried to convert me to
Catholicism or Judaism.
They have, however, used muslim terrorists to actively attempt to convert me, rape me, kidnap me and force me to breed with one while their papist, slave, police force and charitable agencies refused to acknowledge the obvious crime of rape as well as assaults.
I went to the police in N.Y. as well as Connecticut to get help from them.
My mother and Val put on quite a show to try and make me believe they beat him (David Peterson aka Idrissa) up because of him beating me.
Out of the blue Dot told David that I needed a beating while I visited Val during Christmas (1978 Clinton Ave., New Brighton, N.Y.). She gave him a belt and told him to do it.
He was actually going to do it because he was convinced of her mafia connections.
I don't get how having any sort of connections results in no material gains for her or hers.
I was mortified and oddly enough someone came to my defense (I think it was Eric) because they would have him do it while holding me captive out of state.
I guess the sadistic Dot, Vikki & Val don't think I remember these events or the order they occurred in.
It never occurred to them that I had not forgotten that Dot has told Vikki and Val to beat me up and we knew this was condoned.
Perhaps her masters figured rightly, that the physical violence was the reason why I don't look at people when I am in public or why I seem unfriendly.
Perhaps they ought to have seen to it that it had not begun so early in my life or at all for that matter.
It could not have been healthy for Vikki and Valli to be given orders to "make her shut up" "hit her and make her shut up" at the tender ages of 3 & 5 years old.
Yes, I have an incredible memory which for years I was not sure was a blessing or a curse.
I suppose these so-called experts could have considered that I did not have a speech impediment at all.
I was not allowed to make a sound as per my mothers instructions to my older, half sisters.
Perhaps all of the mental and physical abuse was the reason that people thought I was shy or a snob.
They kept me isolated and without friends and used slander and other tactics to discourage me from communicating with anyone other than them and their cohorts.
I had been rewarded with physical abuse for utterances.
Was it so far fetched that the woman who tried to starve me to death when I was an infant could be capable of further abuse?
Perhaps even "targeting" me for abuse.
Perhaps, I thought it ridiculous for me to voluntarily look into the faces of the pedophiles and spectators who were participating in the routine abuse.
Perhaps, I knew that it was ridiculous for me, a child, to look into the eyes of anyone expecting mercy or understanding.
After all, the so-called experts put me back into the care of the very woman who attempted to murder me by starvation.
Perhaps, this is why I have absolutely no appetite for food.
I never feel hungry and usually have to remind myself to eat.
Perhaps, it was why I refused to eat meat.
While living in Harlem, Dot tried her best to force me to eat meat.
She had surmised that it was not the color because I did eat chocolate.
Even if I could have explained it to her (at age 3) I don't think it would have kept her from trying to force me to eat meat.
It was most likely doctors orders and she could not afford to have me taken away from her by the state. 
She and her horseleech daughters needed the survivors benefit checks she collected for me that she spent on everyone except me.
I don't think the authorities would have because even after I had a double hernia operation at 3 months old from crying for food, left in the care of my older, half sisters armed with the instructions to "hit her and make her shut up" while she ran the streets (Dot told us these truths), they gave me back to her.
They gave me back to her even though Vikki wasn't quite right in the head (according to Dot she has always been a pervert trying to watch she and Morris have sex.and Val was diagnosed as a retard who would only develop mentally and emotionally as a twelve year old for her entire life.
She smirked at me mockingly when she told me (I was 3 years old at the time) about my surgical scar and how I received it.
While standing in front of her bedroom on 135th St., Harlem, N.Y looking at her angry face.
She told me I wouldn't be able to have children because of it and not to even think about it.
She bitched about Gladys not caring for the two stitches properly. 
Her negligence left me with two small holes that required regular cleaning.
I never wanted children because of what had already happened to me.
I knew then, that I could not look to any so-called authority for any assistance for living or thriving in this world that let whores like Dot loose on civilized people.
My Aunt Fern wanted me and my uncle George wanted me, but Dot and the others needed me to exploit and wouldn't let go.
No one wanted Vikki and Valli because they were horrible, unruly, greedy kids.

I'll never feel unwanted because I know I'm not, but those others will always feel rejected because they actually were/are.
Vikki told me that Bishop Norman Quick refused to help her when she was caught soliciting, but she wasn't Morris' child, though Black.
I had called him in the 80's to help Valli with her crack addiction, but he was only interested in insulting me (displacing aggression) in front of Valli instead of actually helping her.
I suppose that's all they ever required or wanted.
It always worked in the past, for any of  them, to redirect their wants and needs onto the Whitest person available.

Muslim Terrorist Relatives

I recall Vikki wearing a turban when she was in her late teens.
I didn't think anything of it and thought it was a style.
She was always hostile to me so we never talked unless she approached me with her hateful words.
She had been hanging out with her friend Stacy and celebrating Kwanza.
I guess she and our Mother, who had nothing but disrespect for that religion and it's followers, suddenly saw a purpose for them.
I guess they fantasize that they are hurting/helping my White biological Father by slandering me.
It's all about my White biological father in their Willie Lynch Slave minds.
I think that Black Americans don't understand The Bible because of their lack of intelligence.
They get lured into the idea of success without any work and being worthwhile for their shortcomings with a Black version of a religion  they will never understand any more than they understood Christianity.
Blacks like the idea of using the violence they have naturally as a method to reach a goal.
They are desperately searching for the satisfaction they will never have being that they destroyed the people God gave them as a family to do charity for first and foremost.
They like the idea of not being responsible for their own families and behaving like dogs.
None of these idiots had any right to interfere in my life and arrange forced, fake relationships under the guise of following a religion we were not raised in.
Blacks are doomed to be the race of dummies who can't see the forest for the trees.
No one can take these low IQ, non abstract thinking, brutish, hypocritical, violent, retards seriously.
They just want a quick excuse for their character flaws and to continue being self destructive and praised for it.
They are forever begging White people for approval and will do anything to get it.
Especially the types who attend religious services regularly and are members of those organized religions.
I read The Autobiography of Malcolm X.
I gave an oral book report on it in my 8th grade English class trying to appease my radical, angry, Black, female instructor, Mrs. Moore.
Personally, I have always thought Malcolm Little's Mother should have passed for White and been free of those ignorant apes.
Perhaps she could have found a White man to marry and not be burdened with the ungrateful brood of Black vipers she spawned with that Black husband she supposedly chose.
If she was crazy enough to hate any of her White blood that she would want to erase it by marrying the Blackest man she could find is nonsense.
Self hatred is self hatred and she was a loser if she  hated herself for something that was beyond her control.
Anyone attempting to hold a negative opinion of someone based on situations and circumstances that are beyond their control is an ass playing a mind game on their target.
I also didn't agree with Malcolm X betraying his leader, but that's just me, I think abstractly and they can't.
My intructor was a Black woman who was divorced from a White man and she was mad about it.
She had a daughter and wore an afro and and earring in her nose.
I was only trying to get an A in this racist woman's class.
She told my Mother not to allow me to attend Notre Dame Academy because I was only offered to attend because I wasn't any trouble to the White establishment.
The vice principal, Mr Campbell offered me this because he was wise enough to have figured something was afoot because he saw how Adrienne Gerst was attaching herself to me like glue.
My Mother told me she wouldn't let me accept the full scholarship to this private high school because it was all girls and she didn't want me to be a lesbian.
I knew it was because she had decided that I was to always have less than Vikki and Valli.
If I wouldn't continue to work for them like a slave, I would still be placed beneath them solely based on me being half White.
They are so ignorant that they think they are harming the Whites.
I think anyone involved of whatever background only harm themselves.
John Bradshaw (American educator, counselor, motivational speaker and author) said and I have to agree "people are as sick as their secrets"
I saw early on that this was what was driving them and driving them crazy.

Ode to Billy Joe/Tuesday Blade

Adrienne Gerst gave me a copy of this book, when we were teens and it is not something I would have chosen for myself.
I read it and I think it was supposed to encourage me to commit suicide.
When I was a girl I remember a nice good looking 15 year old young black man who committed suicide and I always believed he was driven to it because he was practically perfect.
He stood out to me because he was superior in every way.
His name was Ronald and he supposedly hung himself from the kitchen cabinets at his aunts, Mariners Harbor, (projects) apt. who he was living with and babysitting for a bunch of her kids or foster kids.
He did not look like any of those beasties. His aunt seemed to always be snarling at him similar to the way I was snarled at by my mother, just because I was born.
There were condoms and spermicides when I was conceived and I would think that in those lowlife circles they could have mustered up a back lley abortion for my mother.
I was not a mistake!
I think it is funny how jealous they are of me because of the herculean efforts they exert all because I was born!
it's too funny because I am going to be me regardless of what those lowlives with their world domination fantasies Which will not come to fruition!
I'm glad I have a sense of humor even though they are deadly and serious.

I think the Gang Stalkers used this novel as an example of how to try and ruin my life!
I bought and read MANY books as a teenager and this is the one that I loaned to my mother, half sisters and Adrienne Gerst.
I did not run away from home and was never a run away.
My mother abandoned me after forcing me to go and live with various relatives because she slandered me and said that I was running wild.
I don't know how I could run wild with all of of my many interesting assignments in my High School where I attended taking a Humanities course to receive college credits.
I had planned on continuing my education and becoming a psychologist.
I had already begun studying people as my mother had instructed, since I was 3 years old.
She said that my Dad said when he watched a movie he always watched what was happening in "the background".
I realized I had a photographic memory because of my interaction with my daughter in the 90's.
Now I had already been overcompesating for all of the prostituting and home wrecking behavior of theirs and "What did they expect?"
The only way I could rebel, if I had wanted to, would be to be a Virgin for life.
I am certain that I am still a Virgin in Jesus' eyes because he knows thst I was repeatedly raped beginning at 16 years old.
I only decided to marry to provide my children with a father and a compatible husband for myself.
I am still a Virgin because I would not have decided to marry at all if it had not been for their forcing me to breed!
The point is that I had decided (at 15 years old) to live quietly and alone while treating people for their unresolved inner conflicts and continuing to support my family financially.
I had dreamed of owning a small home and spend my free time in a little spare room I would convert into a library/office.
I think they were afraid that I wanted to lead my people to some promised land or some such other lofty goal which was never my intention, ever!
My Dad was right about this background business because I recall him in the background influincing my life for better or worse.
I have to stick with the facts and the results manifested by their actions and many slanderous words!

Adrienne Gerst-Cennamo - I'm Only Evil If I DON'T Hate White People!

Clarification of Adrienne Gerst -Cennamo on Facebook
Lies, all lies!
I saw the movie Black Like Me on TV.
I never recommended that book to her or anyone else.
I didn't even know it was a book.
I wasn't outraged like Black people were when they saw it and talked about it.
As far as I was concerned it was their problem and I had a unique set of my own to think about that was way more pressing to me than theirs due to them having each other to hash it out with.
I think that lie was out of anger about my posting about Val's self hatred in :
American Mulatto Envy
Mrs. Moore was a rabid racist who hated Whites and expressed it often.
Maybe she was the one who recommended it to her if at all.
We were not close or friends. 
She and the rest of the jealous apes and their cohorts were and are full of hate and need genetic material.
I guess they needed to join a gang and trying to torture me was the price they all had to pay.
Personally they all are beneath me and my being a Gemini does not mean that I like mind games because I don't. 
I don't play them and I don't like them because it would be without a person's consent and lack sportsmanship.
I am not protected because I'm not a slave according to Mr. Schwartz (PRHS history teacher) who droned on and on about  the holocaust.
Singling me out to say that the Black slaves were not harmed because they were property that the slave owners wouldn't abuse when the topic was about slavery in America.
I agreed with him because I didn't care to refute him.
The blacks who weren't in my advanced classes could argue with him if they wanted to.
I never mentioned it to them, but they knew.
I think that was the contrivance they used to try and get me to attend the Black History Classes they had Deborah Peeples ask me about.
Oddly enough he didn't teach anything about the White indentured slaves in America and I guess it's good I already read about it in the fourth grade.
I never had the book or read that book until I picked up a copy on sale at the Meriden Public Library in the 90's for my Daughter to read. 
It was too dreary, so I told her she got the point and she didn't have to read the rest of it.
It's not my fault they wanted my Mother to keep me even after she tried to murder me.
She boasted about this to me and it made it clear to me what kind of a world I was in.
It's not my fault that I never fantasize.
It's not my fault I'm never jealous.
I don't suffer from the five stages of grief because I go directly to acceptance and not dwell on the other 4 stages.
I did this at three years old and didn't need to go into delusion in order to cope.
It was apparent to me that it was this world and it's idiots who couldn't cope and not me.
No amount of their displacing their aggression onto me will turn me into monsters like them because I am cut from a different cloth and I don't care if anyone else is either.
Again, I earned my high self esteem and no one or anything can take that away from me and I don't need anyone to acknowledge the truth.
I wouldn't expect people who are evil to be able to handle the truth.
I thought that was what all of the mantras and slogans were for.
To make them feel better about being evil, but from the looks of it they don't work.

I'm Only Evil If I Don't Hate White People!
I might as well call these The Adie Chronicles because she was working fast and furious
trying to rid the world of me so she can have her Heaven on Earth!
There's lot's more to these stories because they are interrelated and this is the inbred, tricky Jewish version.

Whites used to say :
"Blacks are like dogs behind a fence, we taunt them and they attack each other"
I suppose I was the only non-White person to have ever been told this and I'm pretty sure I've also read this. 
Also, I've never known a White person to bite his tongue or feel the need to be deceptive unless they were Cultural Marxists.  
They simply direct their attacks onto those, their manipulators want to take down.
Knowing how revengeful, sadistic and impulsive Blacks are.
I think that Black people could have warned each other about the specifics of their mind games if they truly wanted to advance as a group, but couldn't because they are hardwired to react vengefully.
I think they were too proud to admit to anyone their experiences to help their so-called loved ones avoid those pitfalls.
When they do it's done for the ungrateful ones who won't take heed anyway.
They actually convince themselves that they are teaching by allowing their so-called loved ones to fall prey to the same things; even orchestrating these situations to express what they went through.
I think they wanted me to be too proud to admit to these experiences because it proves how stupid they are in their futile attempts to compete with Whites.
I'm not ashamed of myself and their orchestrations.
It's a bad reflection on them and not me.
All in all Blacks don't and can't communicate these experiences because they must have hurt their pride so deeply that they feel the need to displace their aggressions onto others thinking they all must feel the exact same way afterward.
When this didn't create in me the rage they wanted me to feel because I was forced into their vengeful inanity, they just increased the torture as if I can't identify the perpetrators as my own relatives as having thrown me to the wolves to secure some sort of numbers in their ranks and more handouts.
Blacks will never have unity because they are too dumb to even know how to unite over something reasonable.
Perhaps they ought to have stood up for me instead of crying about how someone likes me better.
They can never get anywhere because they are a different animal.
I don't owe them anything and they were grasping at instant gratification because that's all they can do with their inability to think abstractly.
This causes them to seek leaders who will voice some contrived grievances because they just don't want to admit how selfish and stupid they are.
Adie and I never had a fight at all. 
After her instigating fights against me didn't work she said "you know we can fight and still be friends"
*I already wrote about that see
The lies from Adie 
1- we never fought and were locked in a closet to work it out.
maybe this was with someone else, but definitely not me.
It sounds like some male stuff anyway.
2- Mrs. Moore was definitely hateful towards White people and it's all she talked about to me.
3- Adie was being teased and kids would chant "weebles wobble, but they don't fall down"
referring to her ball like shape.
I didn't know any of those kids and she acted as if she did.
She most likely was trying to use me to secure an artificial promotion in her gang.
4- I never teased anyone, ever.
5- I was the person who tried to get everyone to stop fighting and this peaceful nature of mine irked the instigators.
6-  I suspected she was inbred because she was some sort of a dwarf
7- Adie, Stepanie, Pam Cocozello and I were assigned to clean up after our art class when an orchestrated attack on my character occurred.
Stephanie called me a nigger for no reason and out of the blue.
We never really had anything to do with each other and I couldn't have cared less.
Adie immediately jumped on her and after telling Adie to get off of her I found I had to try and pull her off of Stephanie (I think she was in the building I presently reside in last month).
I didn't want her to pretend to fight over something clearly orchestrated.
I told her to stop it because Stephanie is entitled to her opinion.
I also stated that I never had any altercations like that until knowing her.
When I said that I could see that Pam may have not realized that Adie had orchestrated other situations that she may not have been aware of.
8-  Adie was anti-White because she complained to me when we were in high school, spanish class about her getting treated badly because she hadn't changed her clothes because she was sitting shiva.
Her grandmother had passed away and I had visited her during this time.
9- I was a friend to her and she was trying her best to be a bad influence on me
* telling me that menthol cigarettes are better for people even though she smoked parliaments and said she had bronchitis.
I never believed this and stopped smoking immediately after I became pregnant the first time.
I burned cigarettes more than smoking them anyway and my Mother used to comment on this because she'd barge into my room and complain that I wasn't smoking because they would burn out in the ashtray while I was working on my assignments,
writing poetry or independent studies, etc.
*more on that room
*She said that smoking marijuana straightened her hair.
I didn't believe her and she was also obsessed with my hairstyles.
They were obsessed with my hair, not me.
An afro seemed more convenient to me at the time.
I wore an afro as a hairstyle and not a political statement or trying to fit in with Blacks.
Also, when we cut a class in high school (the first time I ever cut class) we went to port richmond park (the same park near where Annette Pearsons' brother lived who I think was busted for drugs AFTER Val couldn't get with him and she claimed she was raped)
*She mocked (describing my Dad's appearance) me and told me that she was going to marry a 6'4" tall, blond haired, blue eyed lawyer completely out of the blue because we never talked about boys and we weren't real friends.
It also reminded me of all of the opposites who were married and how ridiculous they all looked.
Adie at 4'10" tall and a man she described sounded too much like the other contrived marriages I knew about (John and Lola Swilley, Johnnye Mae James and Lawrence James, Dot and Morris Quick, etc,) I saw.
My mother forced me to associate with her.
I knew they were all trying to murder me and were disappointed that I hadn't Cooley's Anemia the disease, but was a carrier having Thalassemia Minor.
*more on the vultures and their goodbye birthday party my Mother forced me to have that I didn't want.
*Mr. Triciricco told me when I was 8 years old to marry a man like him.
He was a tall, dark haired Italian who had instigated fights against me with the dark skinned Black girls like Sonia Boone.
*more about Mr. T
I guess this is where the marrying a White man hysteria came into play.
Little did they know, my Mother already told me that they were all pretending to like me because I was on T.V.
So, the idiots were jealous of pretend like and this is how depraved they are.
It also revealed that this is what they wanted because I wasn't supposed to be able to have children and didn't want to marry because all of the marriages I saw were complete failures.
All of them cheated on each other and were so unhappy they would displace their aggression onto others.
I suppose if people were brave enough and loving enough to hip each other to the techniques used to divide and conquer they could have helped each other
avoid these pitfalls.
To feel good about behaving like less than animals they are provided with a mantra
"It's a dog eat dog world"
I was bout 4 years old when I recall my Mother exclaiming this mantra and I immediately thought it was an excuse for their trecherous behavior toward one another.
If this is the reason why Jewish groups were driven out of various countries and able to go from the bottom to the top in record speeds then who is to blame, but those who refuse to pass on the valuable information to the next generation?
9 - that same day in the park Adie also offered to teach me Hebrew and boasted about how they believed in Heaven on earth.
I declined, but didn't tell her why and she didn't ask.
The reason was because this Earth isn't good enough for me to ever consider it to be anything like what my definition of Heaven is.
10 - My Mother had given me a Gemini pendant necklace for Christmas that I didn't like or want.
I guess I'm such a talented actress that she may have actually believed I liked or wanted it.
*the reasons why I hate gifts
*my Mother gave me yet another Gemini pendant necklace
It was the Christmas Adie spent with us.
*Adie giving me a necklace as 
a gift and stating that she wouldn't want a man to put chains on her
*more on that necklace given to me by my Mother and why I didn't want it
*more on Louie's gift of a necklace
I don't know what being a devout Gemini means, but I do know they try and force their hand picked losers, rapists onto me and so called friends by using the air signs that they think Im supposed to be compatible with.
They never realized that they are not compatible to me for too many reasons.
The Blacks may just be stupid enough to think that I automatically will have a repore with a prostitute just because she's a Gemini (theresa cooke).
I don't know if these people are actually the sun signs they claim they are, but that wouldn't make us compatible because we still have nothing in common.
They think their lowlife, virgos, libras, aquarius and geminis are automatically compatible based on this alone and just scream to me just how retarded they are.
Opposites don't attract and their lack of understanding astrology is as deplorable as all of their other schemes.
If skin color wasn't an issue with them then Adie wouldn't have always commented on how my face turns red when I laugh.
If it wasn't an issue with them, then the so-called White participants wouldn't have always told me how they can tan and become darker than me.
My idiot relatives had to admit that they were wrong all while still trying to push their played out agenda and looking unbelievably ridiculous.
11- Adie asked me to try and get her ring back from a Black girl who had the gym locker beneath hers where the ring (gold with green stone) she said her deceased Grandmother (the one who supposedly survived the Holocoust) gave her.
I recall telling Adie about how Pat had supposedly shot her boyfriend, but I'd do it for her and her Grandmother.
Pat, who was rumored to have shot one of the Dale boys she was dating for cheating on her was wearing the ring when I found her outside the front of the school (PRHS).
I asked Pat for the ring back explaining that it belonged to the girl who had the locker above hers and that it was a gift from her Grandmother who had just passed away.
She took it off and gave it to me.
She seemed a little curious about me and mentioned something about seeing me at the clubs and that she didn't know I smoked cigarettes.
How she thought I was such a bookworm and how none of it seemed to go together.
I just laughed it off, but overtime she'd see me when she was going in or out of 55 Bowen St, visiting, I suppose (her in laws James  Dale and maybe others)
she would look at me very oddly and with a knowing a lot about me.
From her expression, I used to think she knew my Dad and was semi horrified at what he allowed to happen to me.
I never understood how I was supposed to feel bad about their inability to ignore me.
Blacks are just a tool for others to get ahead and they are so played out it isn't funny.
The Blacks and their cohorts are retarded and running roughshod over everyone who isn't them.
It's sad, but Biblical. 
My experiences with people  have formed my opinions which just happen to coincide beautifully to The Holy Bible.
I've never been one to proselytize, but the only winners in this madness we call life are true Christians which the New Testament says are the true Jews.
The remnant which consists of all groups being represented in God's family.
One would figure the best of each group would be selected.
I guess because I'm not pure blood, and don't belong to a group that people think that I couldn't possibly go to Heaven
and be part of God's family.  What if I get to represent all of my groups in one person, me.
Ha ha! That would burn my blood relatives and they'd deserve it, too.
I never hated anyone and have defended and got Val off of the back of a White girl at PRHS she was trying to shake down for money and God knows what else because Mr. Pignatelli was right there as if he were intimately involved with Val egging her on in a vile sadistic glee.
*more on that horror show
*more about that particular White girl who just happened to have light hair and eyes
Jewish and Black people are the Devil Incarnate.
That's how they represent themselves as a group and if people don't like it then they need to stop living up to the stereotypes; truly and not deceive themselves that stealing from the productive and industrious is to strike some sort of a balance.
Instant gratification whores greedily grasping at power that they can't appreciate and will inevitably misuse.
*purple is one of my favorite colors 
*pretty much everything about this online harassment seems to point to the jealousy about the Dawn Doll Commercial and the details about the shoot and clearly lingering jealousy and resentment 
*Kathy Murphy and Mary Ann Ambrosie, Carmela Guilianne, Carla Donino, Michelle Browning, Kenny Conroy, Tommy Fisher, Beth Haupman,
Maureen Horowitz, Daryl Meechum 
* I was also asked to model shoes and hair products but, they only mention modeling because they know I know about the child pornography
*I never said anything about the Dawn Doll Commercial I did to Adie or anyone else.
It was on my resume which I was forced by my Mother to give out with my signed composite photo.
*more on the Dawn Doll commercial and why it never aired, but I was paid for my work
as a professional actress, which is what I am as well as a professional model which they somehow restrict to the runway and big budget hollywood films with starring roles because they hate this fact about me and that I am good at it and don't care if their affirmative action tramps want to make asses out of themselves by black balling me 
with their communist grudges.
Thanks for over looking any grammatical errors.
These are mainly notes and excerpts of true experiences.

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Vonetta, I can't change your mind. Something very evil has happened to you, and you've built up a great deal of hatred. You have not answered me. Even when I first contacted you, after searching for 35 years. You and I became friends, because Mrs. Moore knew you hated white people, and that I didn't know many black people, and certainly there were none in my life. She locked us in a book closet, and told us to straighten it out, knowing that we'd start speaking. Our friendship as teenagers was beautiful. You came to my house for Hanukkah, I came to your place for Christmas. We went Caroling together. When I lost my beloved grandfather (OBM), you came over, helped me pack up my room, and move my things into my brother's room, because my precious grandmother (OBM) was coming to live with us. I remember when your sister was pregnant, and while she sat and crocheted a baby blanket, she contemplated having an abortion, which she eventually did. I'll say that your birthday is May 25th, but I could be off. You are a devout Gemini. Your favorite color was purple. You smoked True Green Menthol cigarettes. You wore an Afro, you were proud of being black, and wanted to prove that a black girl from the projects could make something of herself. You did! Sadly, what's happened to you in between I'll never know. Maybe I'll read your book one day, but I doubt it. Anyone that hates Jews that much has to have a screw loose somewhere. I'm sorry for what's happened to you. I wish, if you were running away, you'd have come to my house. I don't know who sold you into slavery, but from what I understand, you've met your biological father, and he's an attorney, making you 1/2 Italian. I don't know why he didn't help you. I feel sorry for you. I'm sorry that we cannot be friends any longer, because you are so misguided and full of hate for the wrong people. I wish you well, and I hope the remainder of your life hold only good things for you. I'm relieved to know that you are alive and safe now. Just know that in this world, there is one Jewish Person who loved you and cared enough about you to search for you all of these years, and even came to realize that you might have used what you once told me, 35 or more years ago, what your stage name was going to be. I don't know how I fit into your opinion of Jews, but I certainly don't hate white people, or black people, or Hispanics. I do have issues with Muslims, but only the fanatics, that are terrorists. Keep in mind, the Jews have never started a war, since biblical times. Every other group has. The reality is, Jews don't believe that they have a lock on salvation, like each different Christian Church does. We believe that G-D will judge each man in his own heart & soul. Good bye, and stay well. I'll leave you alone from now on. I won't write, and I certainly won't look at your page, with all of its hatred, but I'll never block you. I'll always be here if you need someone to talk to.

Vonne Monai Adie, I never hated anyone. I was being victimized by my radical muslim relatives as well as other Blacks and Whites! Vikki and Valli are the radicalized Blacks that hate you and yours. They tried to convince me to hate all Whites as well as Jews and I wouldn't, so they continued to attack me. This is why I'm writing my autobiography and I'll be more than happy to include a lie detector test to prove that every incident I write about is true. I tried to talk to you about it when we were in High School, but you gave me the cold shoulder, so I didn't bother you again.
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Anyone can create propaganda. The Nazis did it during WWII. I don't know who you are. You had me read a book called "Black Like Me" when we were in High School. YOU hated White people. YOU agreed with me, that the Jews and the Blacks were targets. And yes, when we compare experiences with Black people, during the Spanish Inquisition, 3/4 of the world's Jews were killed. During the Holocaust, 2/3 of the World's Jews were killed. Compared to 100 of millions of Black people throughout the world. Compared to the 1 Billion Muslims, right now there are 13 million Jews throughout the entire world. We make up 1% of the population in the USA, how is it that you find all of these Bullsh*t articles and believe them. Hitler told lies about the Jews, had books written about the Jews. If you repeat a lie enough, people think it's true. I can post links too, showing you quite the opposite of what you're posting. Not every Jewish person is good, but not every Jewish person is what you're describing. In NY, it was the Jews that gave Black people, then called Negroes, the opportunity to move into White neighborhoods. Those neighborhoods were destroyed by Niggers. Now not every Negro was a Nigger. Not every Negro participated in the destruction of most of Eastern Parkway, East NY, Brownsville, East Flatbush, Flatbush & Canarsie, but that's what the "Niggers" did. Personally, I hate that word, but if you look it up in the dictionary, it's appropriate. Your wore your hair in an Afro when we met. You were proud of your Black heritage, You were an "A" student in school, and now, you seem to hate Black people. My cousin that is Mulatto, married a white man, and has a very light skinned child. You wouldn't believe they were mother and daughter. My girlfriend, whose children are Mulatto, has a son that Married a white girl, and their child has blonde hair and light skin. What difference does it make?????? Are all Mulatto children Black? Should they be labeled that way? What about the next generation? If you don't want to be labeled, Miss Dawn Doll Model, then stop and think about others and the labels you're placing. By the way...do your sisters even bother with you now? When I contacted Vicky & Valerie, neither of them would answer me about knowing where you are! They are Full Black Women!

Vonne Monai Adie, I never hated anyone. I was being victimized by my radical muslim relatives as well as other Blacks and Whites! Vikki and Valli are the radicalized Blacks that hate you and yours. They tried to convince me to hate all Whites as well as Jews and I wouldn't, so they continued to attack me. This is why I'm writing my autobiography and I'll be more than happy to include a lie detector test to prove that every incident I write about is true. I tried to talk to you about it when we were in High School, but you gave me the cold shoulder, so I didn't bother you again.